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Welcome to Secret Society, the most exclusive speakeasy in town. Our art deco architecture and 1930s ambiance provide the perfect backdrop for an evening of indulgence. Our sensual and elegant atmosphere, combined with our carefully crafted cocktails and delectable offerings, transport you to the prohibition era and make for a truly unforgettable experience. Whether you're looking for a night out with friends or an intimate evening with that special someone, Secret Society is the perfect destination for anyone looking to unplug from the world outside and immerse themselves in a world of indulgence and secrecy.

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Secret Society is more than just a speakeasy, it's a night out like no other. Our live entertainment, featuring talented local artists, will keep you captivated all night long, while the sensual and intimate ambience sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. Come and join the Society and let your senses come alive.


Cocktail Menu

Black Mamba

A perfect marriage between 400 conejos Mezcal and 7 Leguas tequila intertwined with poblano liqueur and a delicate blend of charred chiles with serrano bitters, packing a slight punch of heat that rounds out the cocktail with fresh lime juice and pasilla chile salt.

Strawberry fields

This Brazilian inspired beauty begins with muddled fresh strawberries with Cachaça and strawberry oleo. It is then shaken with Yuzuri liqueur, fresh lime juice, and a hint of peppermint.

peaches and dreams

Designed with Pisco sour bones and a touch of apricot liqueur, this sour intensifies your sensorial experience with a peach oleo, fresh lime juice, saffron verjus and egg white (can be subbed for vegan foamer).  


A white russian at heart, the Oreo Grey Goose Vodka base sets the tone to a concerto of childhood flavors interpreted with Frangelico & 43 liqueurs enrobed by a creamy white chocolate layer. Although this cocktail has a sinful dessert structure, there is a beautiful and mischievous harmony of flavors that intertwine in a delightful organoleptic melody.

Birch old Fashioned

In true old fashioned way, the king of simplistic mixology is presented with Tin Cup whiskey in a royal mantle of cherry wood smoke, an orange peel crown and a Luxardo cherry scepter. It is harmoniously balanced with demerara sugar and birch bitters

Hibiscus Mule

A ginger & hibiscus flavor profile with the structure of our local favorite vodka, Tito’s. Ginger shrub, hibiscus syrup, fresh lime juice and Fever tree ginger beer are the supporting cast to a beautiful play of refreshing flavors

THE Daiquiri!!

The best representation of a Daiquiri starts off with a secret high proof rum blend, fresh lime juice and simple syrup with a couple of dashes of angostura! Bliss!!


Just what Dr. Feelgood prescribed! A harmonious blend of Overholt Rye and Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur barrel, aged for 30 days and enhanced with ginger-sage shrub, raw honey, a hint of yuzu, and topped off with a float of angostura.

Spring in tokyo

This true embodiment of Japanese culture begins with a very delicate blend of Suntory Toki whisky, Yuzuri liqueur and LoFi dry vermouth embraced with aromatic floral notes from french Rousiilon apricot brandy & cherry blossom tincture. 

the artist formerly known as gin

A very floral homage to the purple one. The subtile juniper aromas from the Empress 1908 gin intertwined with violet liqueur and lavender bitters make this drink a very aromatic and fresh cocktail. A final touch of fresh lemon juice and honey gives it a very well balanced and delicate structure.


This would be the Carajillo’s sophisticated martini sibling. Fresh espresso shot mixed with Mr Black and 43 liqueur shaken up with coconut washed Ketel One vodka. Hint: Take it to the next level with freshly grated 24 month parmesan on it for a couple of bucks.

Paloma Voladora

This rosemary “dove” is fresh and playful! Truly displaying its native Mexican roots, this Jalisco born beauty starts with a Teremana blanco tequila base enhanced with dry curaçao, fresh lime juice and carbonized freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, a touch of agave and rosemary bitters to balance it out.

Dirty Sue

Martinis! We like them dirty! It’s all about the Grey Whale gin and Castelvetrano olives infused in a very savory brine with a hint of spice and tanginess. Stirred, not shaken!


hours & Location 


8:00 PM - 1:00 AM

8:00 PM - 1:00 AM

8:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Scarbrough Building
101 W 6th st., Austin, TX 78701
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